Misacariage at 5 weeks 4 days

April - posted on 12/05/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I recently found out I had a misscariage at 5 weeks 4 days. That's prolly one of the worst things I've ever had to cope with and deal with. I just wanna know if I have sex while I'm still bleeding from the misscariage can I get preg. Me and my boyfriend really wanna try for another baby.


Jodi - posted on 12/05/2013




I agree with waiting. I, too, had two miscarriages within months of each other (one was at 13 weeks and had the trauma of emergency surgery) and unfortunately, I became pregnant way to soon the third time. As a result, I never truly had time to grieve in a way I needed to, and after my daughter was born, I had PDD. I really believe (so does my psychologist) that this lack of time to grieve contributed to the PDD. My advice would be to give it some time to heal. You also have some physical healing to do. I'm sorry this has happened to you, but give it a little bit of time.

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I'm so sorry you have to go through this painful experience.


Having sex while bleeding due to miscarriage is a recipe for disaster.

For starters, you **literally** just had a miscarriage and you haven't even stopped bleeding yet. By your own admission, this is "one of the worst things" you've had to cope with:

Having sex to "try for another baby" at this time would be reckless, a danger to your physical and emotional health, and a risk to the new baby (assuming you DID get pregnant again while miscarrying).

Sweetie, having another baby will not replace the one you lost, and contrary to what you may think, it won't make you "feel better." There's a certain burden you are putting on the next child that he must aleviate the pain you feel for the one you lost by conceiving asap. That's not fair to the new baby. On top of this, you are not 100% back in shape to be having another child, but rather, your health is currently compromised. This is also not fair to baby#2 as s/he needs you to be on your game and as healthy as possible.

Secondly, infections come way too easy. Pretty self-explanatory.

I understand this is difficult. I had two miscarriages back-to-back and within a 6-month period. I'm pregnant for the third time and terrified at the possible outcome. Take time to process what has happened and to give your body time to recuperate so that baby#2 comes out a champ!

I wish you well....


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