Miscarriage on Nuvaring?

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I've been on Nuvaring for 5 or so months now with no problems. I use the ring continuously so that I do not get a period. About three weeks ago I started spotting lightly, dark brown in color, I just assumed it was break through bleeding. Starting Sunday the bleeding got a BIT heavier and ranged from dark brown to bright red in color. I also am passing clumps and experiencing cramps and lower back pain, nothing severe but still a little painful and definitely uncomfortable. I know it's very very unlikely to get pregnant on Nuvaring but could this have happened and I am now experiencing a miscarriage? Please help with any advice or personal experiences, I am very worried. Thank you


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Ugh, I'm so stupid. I should have mentioned that this is only the second time I've skipped my period out of the 5 months I have been using it. But what you guys say does make sense. Thank you for the replies.

Michelle - posted on 12/31/2013




I would say your uterus is so filled up with lining that it needs to get rid of it. Maybe you should take the ring out and let your body recover a bit. Also check with your doctor about using continuously for long. I know when I was on the pill I was told I could skip 1 or 2 but not any more than that. The BC stops you ovulating, not producing the uterine lining that enables a fertilized egg to implant in.
It really does need to to be expelled regularly.

Gena - posted on 12/31/2013




I dont know about the miscarriage, but why did you keep using a new ring?Did your doc say its ok to do that?My doc and in the info page about nuvaring says you should only use a new ring and miss out a period at a time.Like once when you are on holiday but then get the next period.Thats what i learned by my doc... Maybe not having your period for 5 months is causing the cramping and other symptoms.I would give the doc a call,and tell them that you used the ring so that you never had a period in 5 months.Good luck

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