MISERABLE 3 year old testing moms patience

TanyaJane - posted on 03/13/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




I am totally frustrated with my 3 year old child. He is always MISERABLE. There is no pleasing him. Its like the harder I try, the worse he gets. You can look at him funny and he will pout and/or cry. As soon as he hears something he doesnt like same reaction...its constant. It especially tries my patience when he pulls this in the middle of the night. His older brother is getting annoyed as well....and his younger brother (18 months) is starting the monkey-see-monkey-do. Right from birth he has always cried a lot. But now its to the point...well....where I am at my wits end. I am consistent with his punishments....time outs for his outbursts. (3 mins and time starts when he stops crying). But now a lot of the time when he is upset, he will put himself in a time out...so how really effective is that. He is not hyper, nor are these uncontrollable tantrums. They are just rather annoying and I DONT know how to make them stop, and/or make him happy. Its frustrating living everyday trying to make a little person happy....and well nothing gives....constant whining.....constant pouting. Like why is a 3 year old soooo miserable....for no reason. Honestly my child hasnt been through any traumatic life events...everything, it just normal.....thoughts...suggestions....anyone? Sorry if I sound a little harsh....I am just.......frustrated...and worn

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