missed period

Amanda - posted on 04/29/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have been pondering and doing alot of googling these last couple days to see what I could find on my latest dilemma with not much luck so hopefully someone can answer this.I have had my tubes tied for 5 yrs this June I just recently missed my period I am now 10 days late. My lmp was the 19th of march my cycles have been regular for the last couple yrs I did however spot on the 13th of this month which was strange I had no AF symptoms and was thrown off by the light bleeding. According to my lmp I should of ovulated the 1st through the 11th. I have had almost all the pregnancy symptoms my boobs hurt I'm sleeping 10 to 12 hrs a night beside potty breaks and drinking lots of water in the night. BEFORE the spotting occurred I had a couple baby dreams I thought it was odd I've only had those when preg with my 3 kids. I'm bloated.gasy.have the white creamy discharge.the blue apparent veins in my breast, I was nauseous sparatically and also more frequent headaches like normal with my other pregnacies. I took 2 home test one on the 6th day late another on the 8th day late. Both BFN I have been cramping like AF should be here any day but nothing. The cramps continued and got worse. Yesterday I went to my Dr as it hurt more on the right side afraid it was a tubular he did a urine it was also negative so after I explained my pain and that a BM was verry painfull like my side was gunna burst. He then ordered a full blood test to check my hormone levels and for anything else it could be. And wants me back asap to go over results. So my question is has anyone had a similar situation or any advice . I definitely feel preg but is it possible the test isn't showing because of low hormone levels? I also know with boys your levels are lower atleast in my case I went 2 months without a period with my 3rd child and the line was verry faint still

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