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Jessica - posted on 10/26/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter age 6 has been so well with walking in school and being so independent but for a week now she has been crying not wanting to go to school or babysitter she is only at sitter for 2 years and I pick her up and take her there she is always with me but when ask what wrong she says I miss you I just want to stay with you.


Sarah - posted on 10/26/2015




Did anything happen to trigger this behavior or do you think she is going thru a phase? If you are not concerned that she has been harmed, then you can offer an incentive to improve her behavior. Maybe at night, after she is bathed and ready for bed, the two of you snuggle and talk. Ask her about why she gets upset at school and the sitter. If it really is a "missing you" issue, explain to her that you will always come back for her and you miss her too. give her a photo to keep in her pocket while you're apart. Explain that every day she goes into school without a scene, she will earn a token (poker chips are cheap and work well). Have her put the token in a bowl where she can show them off and tell people about her success. Once she earns 3,5 or 10 she gets to pick a reward: pizza for dinner, manicure, pedicure, bubble bath, a special movie, camp out with you in the family room. After a while she will become used to going into school and the sitter without a fuss and you can phase out the tokens. External motivation works well in the short term and I thin kit can help your duaghter. Now, if you are concerned about her well being, like she is scared to go to school or the sitter, then you need to investigate that first.
BTW: this is not unusual behavior for her age at all, so don't worry too much.


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