Missing period but negative test

Carolann - posted on 01/12/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




My period was due at the weekend and im usually pretty ontime, ive been having the cramping as if period is coming but just wont come. we are ttc. And for past week or so i was feeling sickly had extra discharge leaking boobs and a bit sore to touch and im well aware some of these symptoms are a sign of the period how ever its not turned up, but pregnancy test is negative to IM SO CONFUSED! my last period was 12th december and 2 days b4 that i had a nabothian cyst "popped" but started period 2 days later im wondering if maybe the cyst has come back stopping the period? anyone know anyone had one?


Nichole - posted on 01/12/2011




I'm actually in a very similiar position right now. Me & my husband are ttc. I had my last period dec 12, and was due this weekend...but nothing. I have signs much like yours that my period is coming, but nothing turns up. I took a 2 test before the missed period, & 1 after. All negative... So I don't know what's up. But my period can be irregular at times, so perhaps it's just stress. Or the strong desire to be preggo.

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Briana - posted on 01/05/2012




Cause my period hasn't come for 2 months. I think i got implantation bleeding back on Nov. 21st, and leg cramps, ovarian poky feeling, bloating, vivid dreams, fatigued, back aches (i couldn't even sit up the other day, i had to lay across the couch to feel a little eased). And have had negative urine tests

Jennifer - posted on 01/12/2011




never really had 1 but my friend missed a period an did FIVE tests an all of them was negative sos he left it a few weeks to see weather a period came an nothin happend so becos she worked in a hospital she sent a urine sample to the lab an it came back she was pregnancy but somthin was very low thats why the five she bought in the shop dint show she was pregnant! so i would go to the doctors! x dont no if tht helped x

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