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Rebecca - posted on 09/18/2014 ( 6 moms have responded )




My D'S has just been out on Nutramigen for suspected CMPI. We started yesterday, but he will only take 40 ml before refusing it. Since he is on solids too this wasn'ta problem during the day. However, he woke up at 3am screaming for food. We made up a bottle that he refused. So I decided to mix the nutramigen with his aptamil. He took it fine. Halfway through I realised I had measured 3 scoops of aptamil for 120ml of water instead of 4 before adding 30 ml more and 1 scoop nutramigen.

Will he be ill now?!
His reflux seems worse...
Is it ok to mix?

Any advice greatly received.


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Rebecca - posted on 09/19/2014




Thank you for your help..i posted originally as an outlet for my anxiety, and just needed a little reassurance. Of course, we were straight to the doctors this morning. The GP has put little man back to cow's milk but an anti reflux one..

Dove - posted on 09/19/2014




I wouldn't think one bottle would cause too much (if any) harm, but you really need to be asking the child's doctor these questions.

Chet - posted on 09/19/2014




You don't need to panic, but the other posters are right, you do need to talk your doctor. And in this situation, I would probably seek more than one professional opinion.

A formula mixing error should not cause a problem if it happens one time. I wouldn't worry about last night because it was once.

The problem is when people consistently disregard formula mixing instructions. Calories, fat, protein, vitamins and nutrients are balanced very carefully in infant formula and if people always mix it or too weak or too strong or with other things the balance can be off... sometimes way off. And in your case, it sounds like you're trying to get your son off of milk based formula so I assume that you need to get your son off the Aptamil entirely.

Your doctor may think it's fine to mix the two formulas for a short period of time to try and transition your son to Nutramigen. I've heard that Nutramigen doesn't taste very good because of how it's been processed to break down the protein. It may take your son some time and coaxing to take it. My understanding though, is that Aptamil is a standard milk based formula... so if you're mixing the two your son is still getting cow's milk protein.

Michelle - posted on 09/19/2014




Really you should be asking your doctor or health nurse. We aren't qualified to tell you if they are ok to mix.

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