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my sons having his mmr jab tomoz u here so many diffrent sides to it can anyone give me any advice


Sara - posted on 01/05/2010




I think Dr. Sears undervalues how serious Measles can be if contracted, which is not as rare as you think. There was an outbreak just a couple of years ago in California I think due to an unvaccinated child that traveled with his parents to Switzerland and contracted the measles. He passed it on to his siblings and several other children that were waiting to be seen at a doctor's office. Several of the children that contracted it were babies that were not old enough for the vaccination and they had to be hospitalized. I say it's an important vaccination to get. It's live, so there will be side effects, but the chances of experiencing them are the right thing not only for yourself, but for others too.


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Jeremy Matthew - posted on 01/07/2015




My daughter got the mmr vaccination and now she has a big red spot and its swollen where the shot was done should we go to the er?

Jennifer - posted on 01/06/2010




thank you everyone my son did have the mmr shot in the end n he didnt even cry n his been fine all day x.

Lindsay - posted on 01/05/2010




I say give him a dose of infant motrin or tylenol shortly before to ease the pain of the shot. Let him get it. It's an important vaccine. The soreness will go away within a few days.

Rosie - posted on 01/05/2010




each child reacts differently. my first one would get a low fever the next day after his shots and my other 2 were perfectly fine. just make sure u have tylenol handy.
there is no scientific evidence that vaccines cause autism or any other disease, but there is plenty of evidence of what would happen if you don't vaccinate your child.
in 1998 a UK scientist named andrew wakefield basically made a study that linked mmr to autism and that freaked people out leading alot of people to not vaccinate their children. an outbreak of mumps and measles happened in 2005 with children. children died, children had to have transplants and all for nothing. mr wakefield's study was so biased it was unreal! he first had funding for it from trial lawyers seeking litigation against vaccine makers, second he was tryting to make his own vaccine to rival the mmr vaccine, third ,10 of the 12 scientists that were working on the study have now retraced their original statements and now say that they do not believe there is a link between the vaccine and autism and finally, this past year he was also being investigated for actually falsifying the results of the study.
i firmly believe that getting your child vaccinated is the best choice.

Marie - posted on 01/05/2010




I own The Vaccine Book by Robert Sears and this is what his book reads:

"Common resactions to the MMR vaccine are general aches, mild rash, and fever....(one in twenty children experiences them.)...more troublesome side effects are:

measles infection (caused by the occasional inadequately weakened virus in the vaccine), flu like symptons, inflammation of the blood vessels, inflammed pancreas, diabetes, bleeding disorders (low platelet levels) and bruising throughout the body, rublella infection, allergic reactions, joint and muscle soreness, life-threatening rash (Stevens-Johnson syndrome), mumps infection, including mumps-like swelling of the saliva glands in the cheeks, inflamed testicles, and meningitis, and rare deaths from unknown causes.

Nervous system dysfunctions listed include the following:
eye inflammation and visual dysfunction, nerve inflammation and dysfunction, deaness, seizures due to fever, seizures not associated with fever, Guillain-Barre' syndrome (muscle weakness and paralysis)

Reasons to get the vaccine: measles--fatality rate is 1 in 1000 cases. Mumps--almost never fatal, but is a troublesome disease. Rubella--harmless to cheldren and adults, can cause birth defects in pregnant women.

Reasons not to get vaccine: measles is extremely rare and in most cases harmless. Mumps and Rubella are mild diseases in children, and both are rare. The main reason parents worry about this vaccine is that the potential side effects, although rare, can be considerable when they do occur."

We chose not to vaccinate for these diseases due to the fact that they are rare and the side effects are worse than the diseases themselves. If you have a history of autoimmune disorders in your family such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and multiple sclerosis, babies can be more prone to reactions. Just remember that "this vaccine is a live vaccine, it may be beneficial to make sure a baby's overall health and immune system are at their peak prior to the shot. Make sure your baby hasn't been on anitbiotics in the past few weeks and isn't currently expeiencing allergic or infectious diarrhea. Taking vitamin C and vitamin A before and after this shot is recommended. to help the body guard against some side effects."

I recommend that all parents buy this book and when getting ANY vaccine ask for the insert that comes with the vaccine, so that you are well educated on each vaccine and side effects that may be caused by these vaccines. I understand that we all depend on our doctors for their knowledge and support, but I just can't depend on ANYONE else to make decisions for the lives of my children.

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Quoting jennifer:

thank u bonnie

no worries chik all the best of luck with his immunisations for your son ... and also with joining your new group i also have the same feelings of anxiety when entering rooms full of people and check outs sometimes :( but it only make u stronger and brings you out of your shell ... but they are probly just as anxious as u at one stage :)

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My best advice would be to do your research. I personally like Dr Sears' research because he's overall pro-vaccination, but gives all the facts and provides an alternative delayed schedule for concerned parents. He's been researching both sides of vaccines for roughly 20 years, I believe, so you know his facts are not based on fear or hearsay. His website on vaccines is:

We decided not to vaccinate at all in the early years of life due to a number of reasons. The MMR is one of the vaccines with more serious possible side effects. I have had arthritis since age six due to that combination. If I remember correctly, the Rubella vaccine is especially toxic, while the other two aren't quite as bad. But all three are injected at once. There used to be a way to get them separately, but it may have been discontinued.

In your position I would look up all three different diseases, and then decide if they warrant getting a shot. You can also look up VAERS, which is the government vaccine side effect reporting website: However, keep in mind that only about 10% of vaccine reactions are actually reported (according to the most generous estimates I've found).

Either way, it's your decision, and your responsibility. Don't just take the majority advice, or the advice of whatever doctor you're seeing at the moment. Find out for yourself and then decide. Good luck!

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I honestly believe in getting all the shots, with the exception of things like the H1N1 because it hasn't been tested as much as the basic baby shots. Both my girls are up-to-date on their shots and will continue to be. My mom had rubella as a child before the shots were readily available and she was sick enough she vomited, had diarrhea and wet herself all without waking up because she was semi-comatose. Since the jabs are available I'd rather have my kids have some localized pain and be protected than not get the jab at all. That said, some kids have problems with the shots, or there are immune-issues with sicker kids and you can get the shots split up if need be. BTW I found that some baby tylenol and TLC work wonders both before and after the jab :)

Bonnie - posted on 01/05/2010




no go with it hes better off all the best of luck :) keeps him healthy well helps prevent them :)

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