MMR immunization given to 3months old baby

Lucie - posted on 05/21/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi there,
my daughter is 3 months old and we went this week to the GP for her second immunization.The nurse made a mistake and gave her MMR jab instead of the 5in1 jab.They called a Pediatrician straight away to ask for advice and he told them not to worry,it won`t harm her,
I`m very upset about it a would like to know if anyone has got the same experience.
Thanks Lucy


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Dear Lucy
You have evry right to be upset and bothered by this. Your precious baby has been safely growing in you protected and now that she is here You only see sunshine and rainbows in your eyes. This is the most precious exciting time in your life and you understand how fragile your baby is. I didn't have that happen to me but I did have the hospital where I go cut up my baby Ava's heal at 2 months trying to draw more blood than needed. The Lab tech became so frustrated that she yanked my daughter so hard that if my husband hadn't held her she would have landed on the concrete floor. I grabbed her arm and told her she needed to back off before she found herself needing a doctor. I told my husband to take our baby out and that I would be there in a while. Ava was screaming and it took two months for her heel to heal. I immediatly called up to my daughters doctor then I went up to the office and demanded I speak to the CEO of the hospital. I clearly made them understand I am my daughters voice I am loud and will be heard. and in a field where they are here to put a patient first this action is unacceptable. You don't get to make a mistake. I come here trusting you know your job. Mistakes that could cause damage or death is unacceptable. I am trusting you with my babys life and I want 100% Sorry doesn't cut it. It turned out that others had made complaints about this person but no one ever took it to the person in charge. I never talk to a middle man I go straight to the highest position. I told the CEO he doesn't get to sit idley by doing nothing. I told him he needs to do his job and know who is working for him and know how they are representing this hospital. The whole lab went under investigation and changes were made. Caregivers have no right to take anything you say personal or make it about them, You have a right to next time say I want someone else to give my daughters shots. It's not even about this time it wasn't anything serious You deserve to have someone do it right. I have nursing back ground I took every moment seriously I double checked everything because the life of this person was in my care. Sorry but there is no sweet way of making it clear what you expect. You are your daughters only voice and protecter. Remember dont ever let anyone tell how how you are supposed to feel This would have upset me. Knowing she is fine is what is ultimately important You just don't want another mistake to happen. Hold her tight kiss her up and love on her knowing she is safe with you.

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