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Vicki - posted on 07/27/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Okay I need advice.....

My daughter is three months old and I am the maid of honour in my best friends wedding this coming saturday.

My daughter was drinking breast milk from a bottle (once or twice a week since she was two weeks old) but always breast fed. It was planned that she was going to babysat the day/night of the wedding and there is no kids allowed.

I should also mention that the wedding is at the other end of the country so i have already travelled and purchase flights for my whole family.

Three weeks ago the bride suggests i get the baby sed to formula in case i cant pump enough milk before the wedding. My husband gave her a bottle while i was out with formula and she completely refused it.

Now she wont take a bottle AT ALL. We tried the following:

changing bottles x4
changing formula x2 (then completely stopped and reverted to breast milk)
change feeding locations (outside, babysitter pillow, bouncy chair, sitting, lying o n side etc)
We tried distracting her with the tv, ceiling fan and even while she was half asleep.
We tried holding off for a while too
We tried a sippy cup, tylonal syringe, spoon
Letting her play with it etc.
We even tried giving her a pacifier again(still will not take it)

The bride knows about the problem but has not really said anything about it or offered any suggestions.

I am worried, dont know what she thinks or feels and dont know what to do? I am starting to feel frustrated, I cant be expected to just leave my baby with someone under these circumstances right? What do I do?


Crista - posted on 07/27/2013




Most of the time airlines don't charge extra for a baby as they can sit in your lap. I would absolutely be taking my baby with me and maybe the friend can recommend someone who is trusted to watch her while the actual ceremony happens etc. That way she could be fed when needed and you could still be a part of the wedding. If your friend is your best friend who knows you have a baby, she should know that baby is more important than anything. Can't tell you how many plans I have had to cancel because on of my children is sick or something. We are moms! It happens. My maid of honor had to cancel on my wedding because she lived in another state and her car went kapoot two days before. I had another friend step in and it was still an amazing day. I still love her and we are still best friends. Life happens. Your baby is number one!


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Sarah - posted on 07/27/2013




Agrees with Crista. I would be taking baby with me and then figuring out someone to watch baby during the ceremony. Even if all else fails and it is your husband that watches baby. For me it would be hard to leave baby at home no matter what. Personally I find it a bit rude that bride suggested that you get formula for baby. I am not against formula....two of my kids had formula as babies. But I have also breastfed too. Breastfeeding is not easy and it is a commitment. As a friend I would want to be supportive of my friends choice to breastfeed. Your friend probably meant no harm and was probably trying to be supportive.....just comes off as rude and selfish to me. For me I would not expect my friend to leave her baby at home while she travels to the other side of the country. As Crista mentioned babies fly free on your lap. Also strollers and carseats fly free and don't count against you as luggage. You can have them checked with your bags or checked at the gate. If you have them checked at the gate they will put it under the plane for you right before take-off and have them right as you get off the plane when you land.

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