Molars! Teething! Help!

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So, my daughter is 15 months and her left top and bottom molar and her right top molar are poking through. No bottom right molar yet. I have not slept in 4 nights because she refuses to sleep without me holding her in the rocking chair. The past two nights I had to lay down in fear of dropping her off the rocking chair so she slept in my bed with me. Now, first off I would like to know what remedies worked best for you!? As well as her sleeping in bed with me because her teething, is this going to be an extreme problem? :/ She was such an excellent sleeper since she was about 3 months old. I feel terrible she is in so much pain and just want her comfortable! I have resorted to 3am, 4am bottles with a little Children's Motrin. I have taken her to the doctor because she kept pulling on her ear thought it was an ear infection. (no ear infection) The Doctor instructed me to just use Children's Motrin every night.. but it hasn't been working! :(


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I got on and got homeopathic medicine ( tissue salts) for the teething and irritability. It helps my son when he teeths.

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I have not heard of Amber Teething necklaces I will have to give those a try! Until I find something that works for her. Thanks!

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Have you tried the amber teething necklaces? We found it helped a lot with our youngest. At night we put it on her as an anklet under her PJs and she would wear it all day.
Cool cloths to suck on are helpful as well.

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