Molested situation UPDATE!!!!

Levornia - posted on 05/05/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




UPDATE CIRCLE OF FRIENDS!!!! MY NEICE IS DOING MARVELLOUS!!!! Her mom and I of course almost through blows and I didn't care because that is my neice however my parents stepped up and got involved. My neice did stay with me a little longer than she was supose to which was fine. During that time my sister got rid of her baby daddy for GOOD and while my neice was here my sister was calling her more and began to work on their relationship. She promised to start spending weekend time with my niece as a girls day/night out. I asked my neice if she felt safe enough to go back and she said yes. I told her if not I don't care she will stay but she did go back home. She called me yesterday and told me her and her mom are getting along so great. Her mom apologized for not listening and believing her. She also told me that by the grace of God she is passing the 3rd grade with 2-A's 3-B's 2-C's considering all she has been through. Her mom is also staying up with her with her homework and now monitoring what they watch on tv. My neice told me that she will conti to call to update me which is awesome and my sister knows it AND SHE KNOW SHE BETTER NOT STOP HER EITHER or I'll flip out again. Because they all know I would reck my family for the sack of my neices and nephews and my son. I am a mom that believe in the safety of my children and they are our beautiful future leaders NO MATTER WHAT COLOR THEY ARE... I teach my son and now teaching my neices and nephews to be proud of who they are and where they come from. Thank you all for your prayers.


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Chaya - posted on 07/29/2012




If a third grader knows enough about sex to lie about it, I'd be concerned. That should be a clue to anyone. Thank You for forcing your sister to put her children before the relatioship

Sarah - posted on 05/06/2012




I'm glad she's doing well, but has any charges been laid against the abuser? I would encourage them to do so because if they don't, he'll just move on to harm another child. It may help them to heal to fight back against what he did. I'd also encourage her to seek counseling for her as well. Good luck with everything.

Louise - posted on 05/05/2012




Thanks for the update. It sounds as if things have worked out for the best.

Michelle - posted on 05/05/2012




Thanks for letting us know the update. I have locked the other one up now so people can keep up to date. I didn't want to lock it up until you had let us know how things had gone.

Stay strong for your niece. xxxxxx

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