Mom guilt 😣

Amy - posted on 10/01/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi moms!

I'm wondering how working moms deal with the internal conflicts that come with working hard at a career and also trying hard to be a good mom. I struggle with finding balance.


Teresa - posted on 10/01/2015




Hi, Amy, It one of the evitable outcomes of being a working mom, the guilt of asking the question am I doing the right thing for my baby? This is about your balance for you and your family, and not what you 'think' or feel' is expected of you as a 'mom' . I have four grown children 3 boys and one girl all now in their 20's and thirty's ,my daughter is now a 'mom'. I worked all the way through from when they were six weeks old, and went to college. The balance is about doing it your way, I can honestly say, your child will not suffer or be damaged because you work. Children attach to there care giver and as long as they have a secure adult to care for them, they will be fine. Having said that the quality time you share will be very important for both of you. Just remember you are not super human and can not do everything, you child will not remember how clean the kitchen floor was when she grows up or how often you did the laundry, but they will remember the days you played and laughed and had fun, that's quality time! Get a good routine and if help is offered take it. As long as your child as a good adult carer when you are not there they will be fine. you will have bad days when they will cry, or have a tantrum when you leave , that's part of the stage of development and normal, your anxiety will grow , but you have to know that there are a lot of mums on those days going through exactly the same thing as you, and the children all turn out fine! My daughter has two children and runs her own business and also went through the same anxiety .however my two grandchildren are amazing, very bright well behaved and healthy, and I am positive that you will have the same result. Remember its impossible not to feel guilty, and it is also very normal, but also remember to tell yourself you are a great mum and you are doing ok. Good luck

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