Mom is jealous to see me with my own baby!!! Must Read

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This is my first child I'm 30years old... My baby is 2 months.. I visit my mom everyday.And each time I visit , my mom would ask for my newborn to spend the night.. Not just one night, its really a few days. Is my mom jealous, Or sick? my mom raised 5 children.she had her chance...also mother will not follow my instructions... She will let him cry until he fall asleep..she keep microwaving the baby bottles. Feeding him while he lying down.. And she was upset that I'm came and took the baby home on mother's day... Most of all .she let family take my baby home with them. After we agree that he's not to go anywhere with no one!!! My sister is calling me now for my baby !!!!!


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You need to put your foot down and tell them that it is your child and you will parent in the way you feel best for the child. Maybe every day visits with grandma is not the best idea for now. And if she is not following your instructions on things, you might need to do visits when you can be there too. If she has a fit, tell her she raised her kids and that you want to raise yours. And tell sis that she can come visit or you will visit and that is final.


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I agree. Your 2 month old should be with you, especially is your directions are not followed. I wonder did your mother suffer some sort of loss that she is trying to fill by "parenting" your child. This is not a family toy to pass from one to the next. You have every right to say no to both your mom and your sister I never let my kids sleep over anywhere until they could talk.

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If my baby was two months old I would not leave him alone w/ anyone. If a person could not respect that and my wishes for MY child... they wouldn't be seeing my child at all until they could respect them. I did leave my daughters w/ the grandparents at 2 months old... to go out to dinner for about 2 hours. They weren't w/out me again at all for a couple more months..

My children had no sleepovers anywhere til 2/3 years old.

If I were you I would stop going to your mom's for a week or two... and then sit down and talk to her and lay down the law.

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