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Jessica - posted on 07/04/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




So I'm 23 with 3 kids. 3, 2, and 2 months. I've realized that since being on maternity leave the past 12 weeks how crazy it's making me! Sometimes I would just rather be at work ! My fiancé is wonderful but he's ALWAYS working. He's an executive chef so he really has no choice but to be at work all day 6 days a week. It's so hard to do anything with my kids alone. When I try to take them out by myself it's a nightmare! When I'm at home there constantly fighting and making a huge mess they never listen to me unless I'm screaming at them ! I just feel like a failure as a mom. I go out and see these perfect moms with all of there children and they make it look so easy! I don't have any friends once I became a mom so I get really depressed cause I would love to go out on mommy dates and do nice fun stuff with the kids but instead I'm stuck at home all day long alone with the kids and I'll start work again soon but I feel like all of my energy will be drained from my body. I know I'm like all over the place emotionally and physically! Please help?!?!? Advice please!


Sarah - posted on 07/04/2016




First I think you need to talk to your doctor about your physical health and your mental health. You just had a baby and are still recovering from that physically and it is very possible you have PPD. I had 4 kids in 7 years and it is tough and no one can do it "perfectly" . A schedule helped me a lot. Planning activities ahead of time helped too; we'd go to the library, mom and me swim and open gym for tots every week. Having a reason to get up, clean yourself up and get out the door was helpful. I met lots of other moms this way too. Hang in there, only tidy the house twice a day; morning and evening or you will make yourself nuts trying t pick up all of the time.


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Yakitta - posted on 07/07/2016




I can feel how overwhelmed and frustrated you are during this time in your life with young children.. I remember when I felt those EXACT emotions when I had two little ones, husband at work, and was in school and feeling as though there was no means to an end. However, please try to find solace in knowing that this time you are spending at home with them is so critical (even when you would choose work). You are a young mom, and it sounds as though you are trying your best.
I try not to advise, but since you asked here goes: maybe implementing a routine if one is not in place to include, sleep, eating, playing, etc. Your self-care is just as important as your ability to tend to them. I have found that those little moments when they are napping and I choose not too are valued so much!

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