Mom of 4, 5yrs and under... How to spend quality time with each one of them???

Daniela - posted on 07/20/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi, I'm new here. I have a 5 almost six, 4 and a half , one and a half and a one month old ... I am going crazy trying to spend time with each of them especially the older ones. I feel guilty not being able to do much but the baby is taking a lot of attention from them right now... Help! I feel like a bad mom :/


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Ariana - posted on 07/21/2013




You don't always have to spend individual time with them. Kids figure things out, I'm the youngest of 4 and my parents didn't always spend a ton of one on one time but I always knew they loved me etc.

It's hard now, but as they get older it will be easier. I know my Dad has things he does with each one of us that he doesn't seem to do with the other. I don't think he ever did it on purpose but I know I was the one he went on walks with and amusement parks with for some reason (he brought the others obviously when we were little, but he and I still go to amusement parks now haha), and my brother and him would go dirt biking, my sister and him send emails to each other, my other sister and him do karate together. Just little tiny things that make our relationship special. Like I said though, I never really noticed until my sister brought it up one day.

I also know my Mom used to spend a lot of time with us all together. We'd play board games and cards etc. Obviously right now that isn't possible, but as they get older they'll actually be close to the same age so you can go to places with them that they're all interested in.

As for quality time why not try to have some 'special time' with a different child each night of the week? Just go oldest to youngest, the 5 year old gets some 'special time' for 20 minutes with you. Just put a timer on for 20 minutes and spend that time doing something the 5 year old likes, the next day get the 4 year old and do the same thing, then the one year old etc. Even do the 1 month old if you want to get in the habit of it! Even 20 minutes of one on one time can be really beneficial to reconnecting with your kids in a way that makes them feel special.

Hope that helps!

Krystal-Tess - posted on 07/20/2013




idk, i had my kids almost 6 years apart so that i wouldnt have that problem. idk how other moms do it. i hope you get some help with this!

ps - you're not a bad mom

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