Mom of a teenage boy with spinal cord injury

Kimberly - posted on 06/17/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Is there anyone out there that has had this experience? My 17 year old son was in a skiing accident 3 months ago and is now paralyzed from mid chest down. This has completely turned our world upside down. Luckily, we've had the most amazing community, family & friends support with remodeling our home to donations & fundraisers, we couldn't be more blessed or humbled. My son is taking this like a complete rockstar! He is already driving, back to work, working on his makeup school work, back to taekwondo & is really an inspiration to alot of people. As a mother, my heart just breaks a little every single day for different reasons. Watching his lower body change with atrophy, looking at pictures before the accident, just so many I can't even begin to have enough space to write all of them. I do have a very strong faith, but it has been shaken to the core. Just wanted to talk to someone with similar circumstances. Thanks! Kim


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Hi Kim, Two years ago my baby brother was in a swimming accident, he nearly died once in the water before they pulled him out, twice in the Helicopter while being air lifted to Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia,. He broke his neck and the months in Jefferson after that I will never forget. He has plenty of metal in his neck as you can well expect. To the Point that when it was finally time to fly him back home to Ohio, he had to go through a different side and just have the wand ran over and searched.. took us forever and even though I understand the procedure, made him very angry cause of all the pain he still was going through at the time while be stuck in that wheel chair.

His recovery was slow and tortures for the both of us.. I thought he would never even get his hands back much less his legs. I was his big sister however and was determine not to let him give up.

It has forever changed me. I watched him fight back.. I stayed with him, lived in that Hospital, for you see my sister paid for the first month for one of us to stay there, but soon no one could afford the hotel room or even money to eat,, So I stayed in the Hospital slept in places no mortal should sleep.. and made sure he did not give up.
My mom is already in a wheel chair from heart,COPD and diabetes and could not come
so to her I am a angel for take care of my brother..

I how ever watched my brother struggle, in pain day in and out.. watched him start to give up,,only to finally claw his way back to life and fight for the mobility that he has still to this day.. To me I am no angel. I am blessed from God,, and blessed to have a brother who fought to walk again.. He looks more like a stroke victim, and I worry if he would stumble and fall cause he is so stubborn won't use his walker or cane the way the Doctor's want him to.. Yes I worry what if he injures his neck again from a fall.. But I know I can't do that any more.. and I know he is the real hero,, and a person I am so glad I have for a brother..

Your son I am sure you feel the same way about. My brother has to be on disability but I think only because in my area there is no work for even the able body person much less a man who can only use one side of his body.. sure If I was rich I could create a Job for him and watch him get even more of his independence back, but I am not. and quite Frankly I am lucky to have the Bus driving Job that I have now. after the nearly four months I took off from work to help with his rehabilitation

I want to say I know your pain, that I know your story even.. BUT I can't. For you see even though we sound like similar stories, and I think we, my whole family have been through so much, I know I could never ever think mine even comes close to yours.
for you see, to watch my brother go through that is one thing, To watch my son. I don't know I could have done it.. I am afraid I might have failed miserably.
Thank you for listening. and God Bless you.
Oh and tell your son. I am amazed at all he has done. He is a strong and a good Person I am sure. tell him to never give up..No matter the struggles of life.. his being so much more...
The Doctor's could not believe my brother's come back. But I knew God was there, or he would not of made the flight, after dying so many times. Then to have his One Doctor say he would never walk again.. Well that was actually good.. Cause that put a fire under his butt.. NO one could have put out.. He still struggles, every day, but not like the first day in the Hospital, and certainly not like the last either..But like he says, isn't life a struggle anyhow..
watching my brother, it was like watching a baby start over again.. learning how to first roll, then sit, The day he was able to hold his own Cheeseburger.. Well I am sure you know I had to leave the room and have a good cry, right after I told him how proud I was of him. . I could not let him see me cry.. you know.. HUGSS

Just God Bless you both.. But I think he already has.. and Thank you for letting me talk about this... not too many even family understands how hard it was for him..Thank you

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