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I have a little girl that is almost 5 years old and i have tried everything under the sun and she still is not potty trained. She poops on herself but she don't pee on herself she goes to the tolet for that one. But i need so tips on how i can get her to poop in the tolet like she does when she pee's. Can anyone help me with this?

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~♥Little Miss - posted on 08/13/2015




Wow. She is a bit old for this behavior. Typically, potty training issues are about control. The KIDS control over their body. This is truly the main control in their lives that they have.

Did you seek medical attention for this? Just in case there is an underlying medical issue that could be addressed.

Best way that I potty trained my children was reading them potty training books, let them pick out their underwear, and when they are home they are naked. Also, you could try a reward system. For every time she uses the potty, she gets a special treat....stickers, candy, whatever. NO DIAPERS OR PULLUPS!

Also, NEVER shame her for it. NEVER yell at her, or make her feel like she has done something wrong.

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