Mom's of babies with SILENT acid reflux, how do you sleep??

Michelle - posted on 01/10/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 8 week old was just diagnosed with silent acid reflux. Mom's of babies with silent reflux know that the spit up doesn't actually come out, it's all inside the throat and esophagis. She is a normal happy baby who only cries when she's hungry. She would make these gulping/swallowing sounds sometimes when I would lay her down to change her. The other day we were shopping and I had her car seat in the shopping cart and she was happy and laughing as usual, when all of the sudden I looked down again and she was bright/dark red and her eyes were watering and she STOPPED breathing. She was choking on her acid. After panicking and pulling her out as fast as I could and patting her back, I called the doctor and she immediatly started her on Zantac and told us to elevate her bassinet mattress. This happened once before but I was told by a doctor that she just swallowed spit down the wrong pipe and to relax. I am now sooo paranoid and feel like I need to watch her every move to make sure she doesn't choke again. I can't sleep, she is in her bassinet next to me but every little sound she makes, I am up checking on her making sure she is upright and not choking. I have a video baby monitor coming, but how am I ever supposed to sleep again knowing she could choke in her sleep and I won't be there to help her??? Do any other mom's out there have any advice for me?


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Angela - posted on 05/08/2017




With reflux babies, you can thicken their formula. You can add up to one teaspoon rice cereal per ounce. Or use Babies magic tea. This helps a great deal.

Amanda - posted on 01/10/2012




Lift her matress up a bit, and lay her on her side. Its what I did for my kids. They sell pillows she lays between to stay on her side while sleeping.

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