Mom's who's exhusbands have suicided and the guilt....

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Am wondering if any other women's husbands or ex-husbands have suicided? It is very hard to deal with the guilt. Anyone else?


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Jodi- it is hell. I can't shake it off. I have gone for counselling but it doesn't help. I still feel responsible and feel that I should've done more to save him. I live with this guilt sitting in my gut making me sick.
I wish I could find a solution....
He too threatened suicide when I said I was leaving, and he continued to threaten suicide for 7 years until he finally did it. I lived in fear for that entire 7 years. Now I live with guilt.

Jodi - posted on 01/02/2014




Sandy, I am very sorry to hear of your situation. You should never feel guilt for a choice someone else made to end their life. No matter how much you feel responsible, ultimately you cannot "make" another person happy. A person's happiness is within themselves, and the choices they make around that are never your responsibility. I learned this when I went through counselling for my own depression and attempted suicide, and also when divorcing my ex who often threatened to kill himself if I left him. I wish you all the best with finding some relief from the guilt you feel.

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