mom's with bi-polar, raising kids is hard?

Carmen - posted on 03/28/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




Has anyone else been a mom or is a mom, and is a emotianlly roller coaster due to bi-polar disorder?


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Im a mother of 3 and I have bipolar and so does my 10yr old son and to top it off my 9yr old daughter has ADD. And yes its very overwhelming and it does take an emotional toll on not only us as parents dealing with our own mental illnesses but it can affect our family as well. Our mannic highs and our depressive lows are sometimes outa controll and the guilt of not being able to help how we feel sometimes makes us feel hopless and physically drained. But there is hope for ppl that struggle with bipolar. Ive allways tried to be super woman and for years never took care of myself untill I snaped. I had an extremly bad breakdown and sought help. I learned about my disease and learned to accept it and wear it proudly. I had to learn how to make time for me I started therapy, meds, journaling, and I had to make a schedule for myself and kids because without consistancy and structure in a bipolars life things get unmanagable and confussing. So dont feel alone and keep your head up things do eventually get better:}

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I have bi-polar, and it can be quite difficult at times, especially for my husband...But my kids aren't really aware, so that hasn't affected our relationship. My grandmother and my mother both have it as well. I found it easiest to manage by recognising and making a journal of the symptoms for an upcoming episode. And then trying to find things to make those episodes more bearable. My husband is pretty good at identifying them too, so he helps out. My episodes have been on a pretty consistent time frame, which i discovered by making a chart. I also found that not putting myself in stressful situations helped immensely, although not always unavoidable. I found that simple things like a 5 minute meditation, some sort of exercise, or even yoga to help me slow down and focus. I often do something creative, like painting with the kids. My mum taught me to knit... But it depends on each individual... I just know it has really helped to understand and recognise symptoms because i know i cant stop them.

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my fiances mom is bi-polar and manic depressive and I can only say it seemed to be a 'eventful' childhood shall I say for lack of a nicer word. She wasn't medicated until he was about 12 yrs old and he has nothing but terrible memories from before her medication started. And even once she was medicated, it was still not great, just more bareable. It may not have been due to her disorder, but she is my only point of reference.

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I have type II bipolar disorder. Being a mom has been surprisingly easy, but my son is only 16 months old so I'm sure there will be challenges that lie ahead. Being a step-mom has been incredibly difficult, especially since I lost my insurance and had to stop taking meds, but my stepson has reactive attachment disorder and is very challenging so I would have a hard time either way.

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I will have to find that community thank you, i could not find that community where is it located?

Carmen - posted on 03/28/2010




I have been diginosed since i ws 15 i had to go off meds while pregant. but i have been steady on meds for 9 yrs. I have a great reationship with my kids, but on the days you don't want to do anything i feel bad. My kids and i have a great bond i am a stay at home mom that spends most of my time with the kids home school ect.. so it don't effect me in raising my kids or being a good mom it just makes me feel bad when i have a off day/

Angela - posted on 03/28/2010




How do you get diagnosed with bi-polar? I think lots of moms are on a emotional rollercoaster!!

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