mom that have crazy dry feet

Mrs - posted on 03/01/2015 ( 4 moms have responded )




I don't know if any mom have crazy dry feet seem as of more kids of have worst my feet get . They have lost
All moisture, is there any thing that could help? My
Husband some times ask if I want him to message my feet , wow no you not doing that I message yours.


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Chana - posted on 03/03/2015




This made me laugh because I know the feeling! When you can hear your heels rubbing on the sheets at night they are too dry! Great Advice! Gold Bond works great too.

Raye - posted on 03/02/2015




I agree with Renee. Wash your feet, and do any filing/grooming. Then get some moisturizer (coconut oil cream, Vaseline cream, Shea Butter, Aloe moisturizing cream, really anything that is formulated for severely dry skin) and put it on your feet at night really thick, then put on footie socks. Rinse any reside left in the morning. Do it 2-3 times a week during the winter if yours is really bad.

Renee - posted on 03/01/2015




soak for feet in warm water then use a Heal File (from Sally's beauty supply) it comes in several different file grades. ( Keep it in the shower and use it every day you shower.) The apply Vaseline Petroleum Jelly CREAM!! You can get the generic in the same isle for less or go to the DOLLAR Store and they also have it with shea butter in it, but its still (GENERIC BRAND) Vaseline Petroleum jelly CREAM. Works incredible on alligator legs too and the entire body. It goes on a bit thick but absorbs beautifully!! at night put it on your feet and put on PEDS if socks are too heavy for you. Your husband will be massaging YOUR feet the next time!! ;)

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