mom to be at 16

Tessa - posted on 02/20/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Mothers that have been in my situation, with the father not in the picture, how hard school will be ..


Sarah - posted on 02/20/2015




It will be hard. If school came easy for you before then it will be a struggle. If it was a struggle before it is going to be 10x's harder. Do you have family support? Without family support it is going to be VERY hard and in some ways impossible. Do some do it?......yes, but many end up dropping out and not finishing or getting their GED. Most of those that don't have family support don't succeed. You are going to need help....and not just the help that everyone is offering you at this moment. As most of the time that help does not stick and when you are really needing it it is no where to be found. If someone says they will help then sit down with them and find out how and when. If someone says they will babysit then when and how they want to be paid? A friend saying they will babysit is most likely not going to babysit when she has a date or a party to go to. If your parents are offering to babysit the same questions apply. Will they babysit while you are in school? How about when you need to get homework done? How long will they babysit for? Do they expect to get paid or for you to do certain chores? If they want to be paid or have certain chores done how will you do that? How much money will it cost you to raise your child? What does clothes cost? What will you need for the baby? How fast do babies out grow things, so how often will you need to be buying another size? How much are diapers? How long does a package last? How much does a stroller cost? Carseat? Crib? If someone offers theirs to you are they just offering or can you really use theirs? If you need day care while you are at school or doing home work how much does that cost? What is their policy if your child is sick? How young of a child does the day care accept?

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