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Hi. For the past 6 years I've been dating someone I thought was wonderful. We traveled together, went out, spent every bit of time we had together. I have 3 children from a previous marriage and they adore him. He does all the things a father figure should and there is a great relationship there. Marriage was something we both talked about but wanted to wait since we both have been there and divorced. When I was a month pregnant, I found out that he's been married for ten years with a 8 year old. I feel the thing to do is leave, but I'm 4 months along and am concerned about being able to "make it" with 4 children. I don't want to break the bond my children game with him, but I want to be married to someone who can commit to me instead of waiting like my bf says and and we'll get married in two years.


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You just found that out now? He IS married and has an 8 year old?
Is he living with his family? His wife and child?
What does his wife think about this?
So you're his mistress? So basically you're knock-up by someone else's husband? You deserve far better than that.
That 8 year old deserves their father. The original woman probably wants her husband.
What else has he lied to you about? That's the hugest lie ever! It doesn't get any bigger than that.
I feel horrible for you. You don't want to break the bond of some other 8 year-olds father, with your 3 children? What about the 8 year old who's father is cheating on them? The 8 year old needs their father.
If he's been living with them all this time (if that's the case) how could you not know this?
The key thing here - is IS he STILL living with them? If he is, and he didn't even tell you that the child existed, I'd say he's the biggest ass____ and run for the hills.

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