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Okay moms, I have a relationship question. So I know traditionally mothers are the main caretakers. I mean, we obviously do it better! However, I feel like it is always expected of me to be the one at home with kids. I work full time but when I come home, I know it's time to cook, clean, bathe kids, put them to bed, etc. if I want to go out, even for an hour or two, I have to make arrangements with their father or a babysitter if he's not available. But if daddy wants to go hang out for a few hours...he just goes. I've spoken to him about how I feel and he now asks if he can go out. But he knows the answer will always be yes because I go to bed early during the week to work in the morning. I don't really have many friends anymore since I've had kids so my social life is pretty dull. I may be feeling a little jealous? Anyone else feel this way about significant other?


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Yeah, you really need to sit down with him and let him know that even though you love being a mom, you need time out also. It really should be equal. What about getting a baby sitter 1-2 times per month and having a date night together? That way you both get time out together....also arrange 1 day per week that YOU get to go out regardless of what you want to do. Pick a day together, and stick with it. Tonight, I am going out with a friend, and hubby loves that I am getting out. That is how it should be.

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