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Naomi - posted on 03/03/2011




I found that our bassinet was too cold and drafty, and my baby wouldn't sleep in it. Maybe yours is like that, too? I didn't figure out why until she was almost too big for it. Maybe she needs warmer clothes?

MOMMBY Mom - posted on 03/02/2011




I’m sorry to hear your baby girl won’t sleep in her bassinet by herself. It sounds like she loves being close to you but I understand your frustration of not being able to sleep in your own bed with your husband. Some of the sleep articles I have are:

Tips: To Help Sleep (
About Baby Sleep (
Nighttime Parenting (

In addition, I have some questions for you so I can better try to give you some tips:

1)Do you swaddle your baby girl? Both of my kids love the miracle blanket ( it made them feel secure. My daughter starts to cry when I start to swaddle her but only because she knows it is nap or bedtime and then soon as I pick her up she’s already started to fall asleep. Maybe you could even sleep with the blanket ahead of time so it gets your scent on it so when you swaddle her in it she’ll smell you?

2)How does your baby sleep during the day? Does she nap by herself then?

3)Are you home with your baby or is she cared for by someone else? If you’re home, have you tried baby wearing her in a baby wearing product during the day? I wore both of my kids a lot for the first 2 months and both of them slept a lot while I was wearing them for the first 2 months. But then at night they would sleep in their own cribs. Since your daughter is 2 months old now she’s at the age where I stopped wearing my kids as much but since it seems like she needs the extra comfort maybe if she gets it during the day, she won’t need it as much at night. If you aren’t home with your baby, then you may want to discuss with her caregiver to give her extra comfort during the day and you could wear her as soon as you get home.

4)Do you have a bedtime routine so your baby knows that it is nighttime? Like a nightly bath, playing soothing music, rocking to sleep?

5)Where is her bassinet located? In your room? If it’s in your room, maybe try putting it in her separate room if you have one? Sounds strange but both of my kids didn’t do well sleeping in our bedroom they preferred their own space. Sounds like your baby wants your company, but it may help as it might be more out of sight out of mind?

6)Does she just want to be near you? I.e. you aren’t feeding her at this time? Is she asleep and when you try to put her in her bassinet she wakes up? How long do you hold her before putting her in her bassinet? With my first child we had to get him fairly well asleep before putting him in his crib and then gradually wean him that we would put him in his crib when he was just getting sleepy. Eventually you’ll want to make sure she can fall asleep on her own but since right now your simply working to get her to sleep comfortable in her own space. I’d rock her for a longer period of time? Could you let your husband try as well?? Sometimes for me, on the nights where I might be having trouble getting my son back to sleep daddy did the trick. Your baby might be use to you sleeping with her but maybe if Daddy does the bedtime routine and holds her for awhile and then puts her in her bed she might do it for him but not for you.

7)Try an earlier bedtime?? Both of my kids will protest sleep more when they are really tired. If I can get them to sleep before they get overtired then they usually go down easier.

7) Lastly, if nothing else works, you can buy a Co-Sleeper product like the Arm’s Reach which you can find on my website in the Store page. Your baby may simply have the temperament that she needs to be near you. That way you can sleep next to your husband and she’ll be in a separate bed attached to your bed so you could touch her if she needs to be near you but you won’t have the worry of rolling on her.

I wish you best of luck!! Please don’t hesitate to post more.

Tina - posted on 03/02/2011




I have a question? I have a 2 month old girl and since she came home from the hospital i can't get her to sleep by herself in the bassenet. She has to sleep right next to me. I sleep on the couch with her so that i don't role over on her or keep my husband awake. I need some advice on what i could do to get her to sleep on her own. PLEASE HELP!!! I miss my husband.

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