Mommies with 3+ kiddos, do you regret 3, wish you'd stopped at 2?

Renae - posted on 07/27/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




OBVIOUSLY you love your 3rd child more than life and would not undo or take back having him/her now even if you could. But being honest, just from a technicality stand point was 2 somuch easier than 3 and what would you recommend to a mom who's torn on whether to stop at 2 or go for more?

I want more, I have always wanted 4-- so that my children have several siblings is the main reason. But I just can't imagine adding more work to my full and busy day and night as it stands already. Maybe it's because my 2 are both under 3 and both still in diapers, night wakings to feed baby etc.
but I'm feeling like the selfish thoughts of "if I have another that's an EVEN LESS chance I have of a good nights sleep. Or EVEN LESS chance of ever having time for myself and for hubby" I'm feeling like those thoughts are outweighing wanting more...... for the time being anyway.
My husband says he thinks I will want another once baby is older.
Anyway, what do you advise? Thanks! :))


Sarah - posted on 07/27/2013




I LOVE IT!!!! But I have a big break between my second and my third. I will say that I think the saying going from 1-2 is the hardest. 2-3 or 3-4 you are just adding another kid to the mix. From my experience I am SO glad I waited awhile before having my third. That was not the original plan per-say. There were certain things/goals we wanted to accomplish before adding another child.....bigger house, extra money to allow me to take more time off, etc. So with those goals it just pushed it back a few more years. My second and third are 10 yrs I have a 15 yr old a 12 yr old and a 2 yr old. Sometimes people worry with that big of an age gap will the siblings have that special bond.....YES most definitely they do! My older two ADORE the 2 yr old and are always willing and wanting to help. To this day they still fight over who gets to hold or watch her. She also has a special bond with them. She loves to be with them and do things with them. Just recently she has joined in with the middle child (also a girl) dancing and lip singing to music in the car. I have also had the most FUN with my third. I am more relaxed and enjoying the time as she grows more. I have learned how fast they grow and I stop and watch more then I did with my first two. Life is still busy....the older two are in activities so we are on the go a lot, but the third just goes with the flow enjoying being on the move and interacting with others. I think the difference is that now I have older ones that can really help and be the babysitter when needed. We plan to have another in a year or so. So don't rule out having more kids because of where life is today.

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