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Keys - posted on 08/23/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




We had just recently moved to this area and my child's father was unhappy maybe because finding a job was to stressful and the transition between the bread winner being unemployed while long and sad story short - He went back to his home town to regroup and pick up our son who flew back with his aunt a week prior! I was under the impression that all was gravy but little ol me failed to see the signs that his intentions were to stay back there with his "new wife" yes he married her while I was left with the rest of our four kids and a car that was on its last leg! He is mean and hostile with me always has been but still loves him very much! My problem is how do I get my baby back from his father if he won't let me visit or talk on the phone with him! My child cries when I ask to speak with him because his father would yell at him like it was his fault and he screams at me because he says I'm "interrogating" my child about his new girl! I have the right to question my child's unexplained behavior towards his mother right? I mean they say mean and hurtful things about my ex/sisterinlaw to my ex's niece so it's very much likely that they are telling my four year old bad things about me?


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