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I live with my soon to be 4 year old son and will be haveing another baby boy in May . How do i do it by keeping up with school work and the kids? My oldest sons farther has never paid childsupport and only gets my oldest son when he feels like it . I live with my babys farther the one due in May , i feel stuck i need him because i dont have no type of support family are in other states and countrys . Also the reason i feel stuck is because he puts me down and lets me know i wont make what a Doctor makes even though i go to college and do my best which i have and got awarded . He may not be the best person to be around but , he helps me with paying rent. I feel like a single mother already because he does not help watch my son even if i asked its a no so , i never asked again .Since im pregnant and almost due no job are looking to hire me . Is there anybody out there that can give me some advice or motivation ?


Ally - posted on 04/18/2015




Hi my names ally and I think if you stay focused and put ur mind to it and stay motivated and put your foot down especially with ur babys dad you will fit in work school and a baby in one ..ignore the negatives and dwell on the positives ..put ur foot down and tell him how u feel and tell him to take care of ur son n help out at least it's gonna be hard especially if Ur pregnant ..even after the baby ..don't put on too much even if u think u can handle it ur pregnant n need to rest u need to take care of ur self and if Ur baby dad don't change do what's right leave him n go to family to help u out

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