Moms am I discplining my Daughter well?

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She very ungrateful when her Grandparents went to America they got her so many designer clothes and things from 5th avenue.My oldest Daughter she is 10 years old but she very rude and hard to control. We have done counseling and sometimes grounding works we have gone to the point we took all her posters of the wall and she could not use the internet or anything electrical or fun so she was just doing work. She did not care it went on for a whole month we would have cleared her wardrobe out for school but their school has uniform,and parents I know this may sound really mean but we gave her Ipod 5th generation and her Ipad3 away to the less fortunate children for gifts. We recently got a call saying she did not come to school and had bunk I was upset she had chosen to go out with her friend to the shopping center to steal and I made her go back and return the things. She even steals money from me and her Father and her Grandparents really spoil her they had recently bought her a kitten and she demands things. She kicks and spits and curses she will go to drastic measure, So I've gone too the point where I have spanked her. Parents What would you do?


Kim - posted on 11/10/2012




I'd make her volunteer at a shelter where she can see children who are less fortunate than her. Do it around the holidays so she can see how greatful those children are to get things. Also put your foot down on the grandparents giving her things until her behavior warrants gifts.

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