moms i need your help im 17 & not sure if im pregnant

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my mom believes that she & i have a great relationship but i dont tell her everything she would beyond freak out if she knew i was having sex with my boyfriend we are a christian family & i dont think i can really go to her with this even though she says i can tell her everything i have a friend whose a nurse he told me there is still a chance of me being pregnant & that my period was on its way so it didnt mean anything when i did get my period what do you guys think?

Spotting and cramping with bloat two days after period?
i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend monday aug 11th then got my period aug 13 my period was shorter than normal yesterday was a week since we had unprotected sex & two days after my period i have never had spotting before i never cramp or get all that bloated with my period but monday the 18th & early tuesday morning i noticed i was spotting light pinkish red blood but it stopped after tuesday morning its been 10 days since i had sex could the blood have been implantation bleeding? we had unprotected sex twice that day


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Yes, you can be pregnant.
You need to tell your mother you are having sex with this guy whether you are pregnant or not. I think, deep down, you know why you think she would freak, and you know her freak out would be justified: You know what you are doing is against her wishes, You know that there are big risks with having sex--pregnancy, STD, etc, and You know that you are not ready to face the consequences of those risks.

Yes, she will freak out, she'll be shocked, angry, and disappointed, but she will still love you, and she will get over it quickly and move on to helping you deal with this new stage in your life. Mother's have a harder, stronger heart, and more knowledgeable brain than most teens give them credit for. I remember being a teen thinking my mother didn't know half of what I was doing and that I was fooling her with my stupid lies, and now as a mother I've learned that she actually knew a lot more than I thought....she probably knew more than I think she knows now.
Mother's of teens fain ignorance in their children's lives for several reasons. We know the child needs a sense of privacy to grow up. We want our teens to come to us with information, we know the information is far more honest and truthful when the teen volunteers it than when we pry it out of them. We are teaching them that we trust them even if they don't tell us everything. Just because we don't confront and punish our teen for every infraction he or she thinks she got away with, doesn't mean that we don't know about it, but sometimes the only way a person can learn certain lessons is to live out the natural consequence, and it's hard to let that happen, but sometimes we have to.

Your mom may or may not know you are having sex. She probably suspects that you are, most moms of 17 year olds know their children will probably not wait for marriage before having sex even though they hope they will, so she won't be too shocked. Just tell her. She has the experience to help you get though it....and can help you be more prepared to protect yourself next time. The fact that you had unprotected sex with no plan for what to do if you got pregnant, might be a good sign for you that you are not mature enough to be having sex yet.

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