Moms im a real man that pays lots of money, gladly,

John - posted on 10/08/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




Im a father that has a stepson im having trouble with the real father paying his child support, wife say we don't need his money, is this fair to me


Raye - posted on 10/08/2015




John, if it's court ordered child support, then advise the court that he's not paying. They can garnish his wages so it comes straight out of his check and it's not up to him to send it. Of course, he could quit his job and still not pay, but at least you tried, and if he does get a new job, it should start back up again.

If it's not court ordered, then file for child support through the courts. The courts may not award support based on the household income, but they *should* only consider the mother's and father's incomes as the primary basis for whether support is required, not your income.

Now, as to the mother deciding the money is not needed, that's hogwash. The father has a responsibility, first of all. And even if the daily expenses are taken care of without the support, that money can be saved for the child's college education. The child should have every advantage they can get, and shouldn't be denied what's theirs due to pride or stubbornness.


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Ev - posted on 10/08/2015




I hate to say this but the child support has nothing whatsoever to do with you. Its for the child's welfare. Not yours. I think you have mistaken what the money is for. Its for the rent/house payment, utilities, food, clothing, and other expenses used in raising a child. I do not know what you thought you were getting out of it.

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