Moms of troubled daughters

Prvasandra - posted on 11/06/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have a daughter with a narcissitic or possibly autistic disorder. She shows no empathy and we are estarnged, after a huge conflict where she hurt mes terribly. I think I was a good mom...She is 25 yeras old and hurts me every time we connect--denies any responsiblity of her own, is angry, demeaning and provoking me allt he time...anyone there who understands that it is not always narcissistic mothers that hurt daughters, but that it can go the other way around? Any experinces that can halp me deal with this?


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Ev - posted on 02/17/2017




There is nothing you can do to make her change. She is an adult and will have to learn things the hard way and learn to change on her own. Being a narcisstic person and having autism are two different things. You might want to research those to be more educated on what those words mean and what a person is like that has that.

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