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April - posted on 03/13/2010 ( 17 moms have responded )




Were your pregnancy symptoms from both genders the same or were there any/some major differences? i have a baby girl and i hardly had any symptoms other then my tummy growing lol. I would love to have a boy in the future and was just wondering if the symptoms would be any different? Silly question lol I'm just curious :) Just wondering if the old wives tales of having a boy or a girl truely gives you opposite symptoms lol :) thanks.


Isobel - posted on 03/14/2010




HAHAHA Dusty...we are polar opposites. I was wide with my daughter, and narrow with my son, I gained far more weight with her than with him (and the weight didn't fall off until I got divorced LOL)...I found the first pregnancy harder, but my feet swelled with the boy and not the girl. Good Luck, and enjoy them both!

Jocelyn - posted on 03/14/2010




I have one of each and my pregnancies where night and day! With my son I gained weight EVERYWHERE, even my face was fat, I retained water like a camel, my skin broke out, I was super hormonal, I carried pretty low, didn't have a whole lot of heartburn, I craved orange juice. With my daughter I only gained in the stomach (yay), carried up high, had horrible heartburn and was very nauseous. My skin was great and my hair grew fast and was very shinny. Both times I held a pendulum over my belly and it predicted the sex correctly; you should try it!

Tcordukes - posted on 03/14/2010




mine where different my girl, i was nausous for the first trimester vomited a couple of times, i lost weight carried out front, then delivery she was early, my waters broke and i didn't go into labour so i was induced, with my son i wasn't sick, but boy did i put on weight sooo much, i held heaps and heaps of fluid in my legs, i was tried all the time, he came right on his due date and labour was easier..

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i think really it depends upon the person, ... i have both, the boy was first, i was nauseous alot with him, but only threw up once... but towards the end, ohhh did i have horrible reflux. o terrible i thought i was dying the first time i experienced it!!!! my belly with him was long but i never "popped" and i gained like 40 lbs now with my daughter, i threw up every day for the trimester. i couldnt stand anything- pop, coffee, i was super sensitive to any smells... good or bad. they made me sick. i was all belly with her, no reflux at all... i ended up losing 5 pounds during my pregnancy... =) they both weighed exactally the same at birth 8lbs 6oz .. she was a week early, and he was a week late.

Melissa - posted on 03/13/2010




Well, I have had three gils and then a boy! All 4 of my pregnancy's were different, I had no real way of guessing. but with my girls i was high and round all over, my son was lower and in front more. you could not tell i was even prego from a sraight veiw directly in the back. I would try to sit in meditation where no-one will be. and envission the sex your child will be. My answer was a boy with my last but i had to wait till he came to confirm. If you want to do this yourself then follow this: Do this 4-10. min early in the morning where ever you want, in bed or on porch. but make it low light or blind fold yerself. every time you get an answer write it down. end this session for the day. then in a week tally the most girl VS boy answers and see what comes of it in the end of yer term. Your hubby can do this as a game too. by placeing his hands over belly and asking ' baby are u a boy or girl'?? and what is the first thought that comes Quickly to his head!!! Have fun and GOOD LUCK!!!

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Kim - posted on 01/03/2012




hi i have 3 1 girl and 2 boys my girl i had first and i suffered with morming sickness through most of my pregnancy the only thing i could eat in a morning for breakfast was either a banana or apple and sometimes a yogurt and my little girl really loves bananas to this day, couldnt brush my teeth without gagging and the bump was all round. with my second pregnancy which was a boy i had morning sickness for first 3 months then went away was more tired than the first pregnany but other than that generally felt better through that pregnancy. and my last pregnanay which was also a boy i had morning sickness again for first 3 months or so did suffer with really bad heads which made me sick had low iron and felt even more tired than the other two times but that prob due to running around after two other little ones with both my boys my bump was all front from behind didnt look pregnant.

[deleted account]

My pregnancies were VERY different! I always say that my son is the reason I had another child and my daughter is the reason I stopped at two! LOL!

My pregnancy with my son was so easy. No MS, no pain, easy-breezy!

Pregnancy with my daughter was nothing short of hell. I was in constant pain, sick with everything I ate and cranky all the time. When I was 39 weeks my midwife offered an induction (because she knew how miserable I was) and I jumped at the chance.


Minnietaz - posted on 09/06/2011




when i was pregnat with my daughter i had no symptoms at all but my belly growning and with my son i had a lot of symotoms that lasted hafe of my pregnancy

Amanda - posted on 09/06/2011




With my girls, I was sick from start to finish. Gained 50 to 60 lbs, spent much of my pregnancys with major zits and heart burn. They were both extremely active, like Aliens movie. With my son I had zero symptoms other then weight gain, which was 25 lbs, very little movement, no heartburn or getting sick, my skin was nice and clear. I enjoyed my sons pregnancy, and lothed my daugthers pregnancys!

Amanda - posted on 09/06/2011




I had my son first, I had a very easy pregnancy no symptoms. I was all baby and carried low and out in front. At about 7 1/2 months I had a lot of fluid retention in my legs but I think it was because I carried over summer. He was extremly active and still is now.
I then had my daughter, had no symptoms and was all baby again except I was rounder, carried higher and she wasn't as active and still isn't

Jocey - posted on 09/06/2011




I had a lot of morning sickness with my girl,gained less weight carried her higher up in my tummy and craved loads of healthy foods.with my boy I gained more weight carried him lower,had some morning sickness and craved junk food

April - posted on 03/14/2010




Thanks everyone! Its making me excited to try for a boy lol :) Can't wait for the new experience :)

Emilie - posted on 03/13/2010




I had more nausia and vomiting when I was pregnant with my son. Also With my daughter I think I carried her higher up, she was always sticking a foot or somethng up in my ribs. It was very uncomfortable and sometimes painful when she did that. She was smaller than my son I could tell she was smaller without the doctors telling me. With her I could not stand the smell or taste of chicken, with my son it was beef than I could not stand.

Amy - posted on 03/13/2010




with my girl - i wanted sugar all the time. other than that, nothing. with my son i wanted salt salt salt. no sugar at all. i think the only sweet things i had was citrus. I also craved lemons like no tomorrow. just wanted to eat them straight! i could eat a package of bacon too. i just felt like i needed salt. i laughed because of the old "sugar and spice" for girls. because i wanted nothing to do with it for my son. i also looked at those chinese calendars - it was right on for both.

Lucy - posted on 03/13/2010




Like you, I had my daughter first, and I must say each of my pregnancies were very different!

With my daughter I actually felt really well for most of the pregnancy, but had a lot of bleeding throughout that had to be investigated every time. I also had high blood pressure towards the end and had to be on bed rest for a couple of weeks leading up to the birth.

With my son, medically everything went a lot more smoothly, but I felt much more tired and was sick just about every day!

Both were born very healthy, and now they are 2 and 3 they are still total opposites.

Kathy - posted on 03/13/2010




Everything was different! My daughter was a quiet baby except when she had the hiccups and I had a easy pregnacy. My son moved constantly and I hurt all the time-I also threw up every Friday. I had a long hard labor with my daughter that ended in a c-section. With my son-it was short and easy VBAC. They are still opposites. She is tall, olive skinned, dark haired beauty. He is short, blond, chubby, and pale. She has brown eyes, he has blue. She sucks at math-he excels. I call them my polar-opposites. They either fight or love each other. It has been a fun and interesting experiance.

Dusty - posted on 03/13/2010




I was bigger with my son in the hips but stuck out further with my daughter...LOL! BUT I also gained 95lbs, with him and only about 60 -65 with her. I do not believe in restricting your diet to keep at this crazy 35 lb weight gain, only because, women worry too much about themselves and not their babies ad then the babies are born prematurely and so on...girl, it comes off, just enjoy it...I PROMISE, when you have 2, you'll burn those calories and the weight will drop alot faster... I want you to know that if you do have a second...that pregnancy is harder, everything is already stretched and it hurts more and you get tired more, so be prepared...but, I loved watching Izzy Claire, push her feet up and run them all over my belly and completely gross my dad and husband out!!! Wish you well if you decide to have another!! Happy PREGNANCY if so!!! ♥♥♥ Dusty

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