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We're trying to save money here and there to donate to our son's college fund, but our budget is so tight. Does line drying the clothes help in the long run? Or is that a waste of time? Any clothes line ideas for in the house?


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I will agree that line dried clothes smell better, if you have the time and space for it. Ikea sells an indoor line that attaches to one wall, with a hook that attaches to another wall for $14USD. I have the line--I use it to display my kid's artwork, but it is an economical solution to drying indoors as well. I just don't have the time or space....

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Drying racks for winter drying indoors, and clothesline for outdoor drying in summer months. Saves energy, money, and you end up with great smelling clothes!

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We line dry in the house and my mom always hung the clothes and bedding outside to dry (year round). Stuff smells better when it's been dried outside. Also, clothes last longer when they've been hung to dry.

The cost of electricity varies hugely depending on where you live - there are parts of North America that pay literally four times what we pay here, and europe can be even more expensive. The cost of running a clothes drier runs between $0.50 a load and $2 depending on your hydro rate and the cost of fabric softener if you're using it.

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My gramma does this, even in winter. During the nice months, she runs a line on the front porch, but in the winter that's obviously not possible :P end up with clothesicles :P
Instead, what she does is run a line corner to corner in their spare room. She's also been known to use chairs to hang clothes on.

What may end up actually saving MORE money in the long run is to look at your detergent. I know that you can make at home laundry soap for quite cheap. And use cold water whenever you can. I think you'd see a much more noticeable difference in money on those things, instead of just line drying :)


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I do have to say you do have a bunch of wonderful ideas for saving money. But not all can have credit cards so they have to do things differently. I am all for getting drying clothing racks, clothes lines and such to dry clothes with. Not only do you save money from using the dryer and have clean smelling clothes, but you save a lot of heat and energy. That excess heat from a dryer makes your home or apartment hotter in summer and makes your air unit kick on more so.

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Unless you have a really, really old drier or are using a laundromat or paid laundering service to dry your clothes, you are only going to save about $50-$100 a year by line drying your clothes--that's $5-$10 per month at the most.

Here are some ways that we are saving for our son's college.
First, if you don't have one yet, get a Upromise credit card. The interest rate is kind of high, but you get a 30 day grace period, so as long as you pay it off each month, you pay no interest, and there are no yearly fees. 1% of everything you spend goes into a college account for your kid, and many retailers and manufacturers offer additional savings up to 8%. We pay EVERYTHING with this card--home utilities, car payments when we had them, groceries, clothes, etc. Even little $2 purchases at the gas station or whatever. Definitely vacations--airlines almost always give you extra cash back for college. Then we just pay one big bill at the end of the month. This allows us to save about $50 per month for college. In addition to that, we can transfer the funds to a 529 for our state, and earn additional interest. So that is about $1000 per year, that we can save without having to contribute anything at all out of our own pockets.

We also turned off our cable/dish TV. We still have high speed internet service, but cutting the TV portion saves us a little over $100/month or $1200 a year.

We also turned off our home phone and home fax lines. We just use our cell phones for calls now, and online fax services for the rare occasions we need to fax something from home. This saves us about $60/month or $720/ year.

So, over 18 years, between Upromise ($18,000), Cable ($21,600), and Phone ($12,900), plus interest, we will have $52,500 or so. Obviously, that won't pay for an entire college education, but it is a great start that pretty much anyone can make. As you or your husband get further into your careers, you can start to make larger monthly contributions, and don't be afraid to let your little one take out some small loans for college. I know there is a huge stigma to college debt right now and that a lot of young people are being financially crippled by it, but letting them pay for a small portion will not financially cripple them for life. Also, once your son is old enough for a summer job, you can have him put 50% of his income into his college fund. Again, it will seem like small change, but every little bit helps, and because he is paying for it, he will be more careful with his decisions.

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