morning my name is Thandi i have a stepdaughter she is 12yrs. my problem is she always comparing her with her younger sisters and now i my first is doing the samething. when you ask her to do something she wont do it cause my firstborn is not doing it. she moved inn with us two years back but stil she's not ajusting to our lifestyle . Please help


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Raye - posted on 02/12/2015




Let her know that you are not picking on her because she is not your child by blood. Let her know that older kids are expected to have more responsibility. Maybe make a chore chart with the regular responsibilities (things that need to happen every day, week, month, etc.) sectioned out by age range, so all the kids can see that everyone has their own chores to do and once they hit a certain age, they are expected to do more. Let them know that the chart is not the only responsibilities they will have, but that you will assign other, less frequent things as they are needed. Make it fair and stick to it without backing down. They will know what is expected of them, and it should stop some of the bickering.

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