Morning Sickness

Mandy - posted on 05/23/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




I'm currently pregnant with my second child and I'm having severe morning sickness. I didn't have it when I was pregnant with my son so I'm at a loss of what I can do to ease it. I've been told that eating can help, and avoiding certain smells can help. However, I can't always do that. I've been told that there are medications out there that can help to. I'd just like a little more insight as to what other mothers have done before I go out and spend money on medication when I could do something else.


Tara - posted on 05/23/2011




I was sick as a dog right up until I delivered my first daughter, and sick off and on right up until delivery with my second girl.
The things that worked for me were eating very small meals, heavy on carbs (rice or potatoes worked best for me) and minute maid orange slushies of all things.
My mantra with both pregnancies was "I have to keep this down for at least an hour so the baby gets some of it". Unfortunately, the meds that they prescribe for morning sickness knocked me out, so it was a choice of being a complete, nonfunctioning zombie, or being nauseated all of the time - I picked the nausea, but I know it's really tough sometimes.

Amy - posted on 05/23/2011




Well, with my son I felt sick, with this one I didn't. I'd commented when pregnant 'wonder why'. A lady in church noticed I had a hairband on my wrist [old habit from nursing son, i seem to always have one there in case hair needs to go up]. She said there are pressure points in wrists that calm queasy stomachs. She thought that's what it was for. Well, I didn't think so. Happened to think that's silly and took it off. next morning my stomach was upset and sure ran to get some hair ties!! lol.

I have heard to eat some unsalted crackers while laying down still in am and get up slowly out of bed and to make sure you are drinking lots of water all day long. I'm not sure what all would help. It's no fun though!!

Theresa - posted on 05/23/2011




My SIL had bad morning sickness with all 3 of hers. Vitamin E is something that the docs had her try. He's was too sever for that so they gave her prescription. I had some with my daughter but none of my boys. I found that for the morning time if I eat a cracker or two about 1/2 hour before getting out of bed it helped a lot. For daytime I found a small glass of orange juice seemed to help settle my stomach. Talk to your doc and see what he/she suggests.

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I can't give you much insight unfortunately, but I can tell you what I did that helped alleviate some of the sickness. My doctors recommended vitamin B6 I think it was 100 mg a day - but double check the amount with your Ob/Gyn - That helped a little and was more natural but there were days that were just awful so for those days that gave me an anti nausea pill the generic name for it is promethazine - also known as phenergan. However this makes you sleepy so I took it at night if It was a bad episode.

I have also heard that there are smells.scents that can help to stop an attack of nausea for a bit these are citrus and mint - as long as they don't make you feel worse, try them. I would also recommend trying essential oils or the actual fruit/herb instead of the ails and scents that are not all natural as I found the non natural scents made everything a lot worse for me.

Good Luck!

If you are going to eat, just eat small amounts frequently like saltine crackers, toast, yogurt .


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Brook - posted 5 days ago




"No to morning sickness tea" was the one that helped easing my morning sickness. I was unable to eat and drink before drinking this tea.

Mandy - posted on 05/25/2011




thanks so much :) I'm going to try some of these (for now) and then talk to my doctor as soon as I can :)

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