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I got bit by a mosquito the other night during dinner by 11:00 pm I had a splitting headache I went to bed and all night had a low grade fever 99.8... I got up in the morning and took med... All that day my body hurt kinda like when you have the flu but I have no sneezing or coughing I still have a headache and body aches and I feel so tired.. I'm not very hungry and when I eat I fell sick.. I am thirsty a lot though.. Should I be concerned about the mosquito bite or do you think it could just be a coincedence and I was probably coming down with something already?? How long should I wait to go to the Dr??? Please I have no idea what to do - when my kids are sick and I don't know I run to the Dr right away.. But I don't want to look silly if I just got some virus going around thinking the mosquito gave it to me.. Any suggestions would be great thanks :)


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Charlie - posted on 09/21/2009




Go to the doctor you could have Ross river fever my dad had it and a close friend of mine and it sounds very similar to yours .
Go to your doctor !

What is Ross River virus?
• Ross River virus is a germ that infects people, particularly in rural areas,
sometimes causing a flu-like illness with joint pains.
• Ross River virus is not fatal.
How is Ross River virus spread?
• The virus is spread by certain types of female mosquitoes.
• Female mosquitoes feed on animals and people. If they feed on the blood
of an infected animal, the mosquito may become infected. The virus then
multiplies within the mosquito and is passed to other animals or people
when the mosquito feeds again.
• Infections tend to peak in the summer and autumn months.
• The virus is not spread directly from one person to another.
What are the symptoms of Ross River virus infection?
• Many people who are infected with the virus will never develop symptoms.
• Some people will have flu-like symptoms that include fever, chills, headache
and aches and pains in the muscles and joints.
• Some joints can become swollen, and joint stiffness may be particularly noticeable
in the morning.
• Sometimes a rash occurs on the body, arms or legs. The rash usually disappears
after seven to 10 days.
• A general feeling of being unwell, tired or weak may also occur at times during
the illness. This may affect work performance.
How soon do symptoms develop after being bitten by an infected mosquito?
• Symptoms usually show between seven to nine days after being bitten by
an infected mosquito. This interval can vary but is generally between five to
21 days.
How long does the illness last?
• Many people will recover completely within a few weeks. Others have
symptoms lasting more than three months, and in rare cases for more than
a year.
• The symptoms can re-occur on and off over this period of time. Usually the
symptoms become less severe each time they recur.
• A full recovery can be expected.
What is the treatment for Ross River virus infection?
• There is no specific treatment for Ross River virus infection.
• Your doctor will be able to advise you on medications that will help ease the
discomfort of any symptoms .

Sharon - posted on 09/21/2009




Until this becomes unmanageable - I say stay home. You have a low grade fever and feel like crap.

If your fever climbs, can't be broken or worse symptoms develop - then call a doctor.

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