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My mother in law is a pain in the you know what. She is anti smacking, which is understandable, but she seems to be anti discipline full stop. She gets tears in her eyes if my husband or myself put our children on timeout. She sneaks them stuff that I have banned. She allows the children to sleep in the bed with her instead of their own beds if we allow them to sleep over at her house (which we have since stopped.) This weekend our son came down with a cold and she acted like he had lung cancer or something instead of a simple cold that he will get over in a few days. She looks at my husband and me as if we are child abusers just for discipling our kids, even if its as passive as we can possibly make it. If the kids do something naughty, she tries to convince us that it is her fault that they did what they did. For example, if my son plays with her lighter (she smokes ) and my husband says tells him that he knows better than that, she will be like 'Oh its my fault, I left the lighter there, its my fault, sob sob sob." Our son is old enough to know not to play with matches or anything that could start a fire. I'm sick of this behaviour and so is my husband.


Michelle - posted on 03/01/2015




So set some boundaries and don't her around as much.
Let her know that you will discipline you r children the way you want to and won't allow her to interfere. If she does you will have to tell her to be quiet while you deal with the children.
You are the one that need to set boundaries, not just expect her to do what you want/expect.

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