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Amy - posted on 06/28/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Does anyone out there have a mother in law u live with or not that seems to have an opinion about every little detail u do with ur child and its wrong what you're doing but she's always right (in her eyes anyway) its really getting to me being nitt picked at and now her sister is also being the same way....any suggestions on how to cope!!!!???


Sarah - posted on 06/28/2015




I know how you feel. I married a typical Jewish grandma (no offense to all our Jewish friends). It started with breastfeeding; I was starving my baby, to the way I diapered (too tight) and it just grew and grew and grew. My kids are tall and very thin, and she advised that I leave buttered pieces of bread laying around the house that they could eat and hopefully gain weight! When I chose to send my kids to Catholic school she accuse me of being a snob and thinking my kids were too good for public school!.
You name it, she complained; wrong sports, hair too long, or too short etc....
Finally, my husband told her if she wanted to continue to see her grand-kids (thank God we were not dependent on them for child care) she better back off. He wasn't mean, he phrased it in a way like: you raised me to be a smart man, I have good judgment, I picked a great girl to marry and she is the mother of my kids. You may not agree with OUR parenting choices but we make them together. When you criticize her, you are saying I am not a good father.....
That did the trick! She now complains to her girlfriends. Every now and then I get a remark but my kids have grown up beautifully, she can't say I did a whole lot wrong.
Now, if you don't have a hubby to help you; I suggest you get as brave as you can and say "thanks for your advice, but I will decide for my child" "if I want you advice I will ask for it" "you raised your kids, please allow me to raise mine"

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