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Trinity - posted on 04/24/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have major issues iwth my in laws, specifically mother and brother in law. My brother in law is gay i don't mind this at all, however he is very nasty and bitchy, my MIL is exactly the same. My husband and i moved into a small house they own so we could save for our own place, i am thankful every day that they did this, but the live on the same piece of land, MIL is always coming over criticising everything, mainly that i have a cat who only lives inside, she thinks i should get rid of my kitty because of our child...the cat and my baby get along very well. When i go and see her she is just out right rude, she has called me fat whille i was pregnant and criticised me for not going straight back to work despite the fact she has not worked a day since giving birth to her first child 43 years ago. She tells me im ugly and that i was never welcome to join their family. My brother in law who is 25 and my in laws still pay for everything for him...including a new car and he doesnt even work, he takes issue with my husband (his brother) however instead of talking to my husband he yells at me and belittles me. I have had enough, my husband hates his family and while it is harsh we stay becuase cheap rent and more chance of saving for a house. What do i do, this is stressing me out, when i have spoken to MIL she gets angry and defensive and cries to evrryone that i am a horrible person, everyone is against us, my husband loves my family and so do i, but his family are just impossible HELP PLEASE!!!


Michelle - posted on 04/25/2014




Well you and your husband need to decide if you can continue to live with it until you have saved for your house or bite the bullet and move away. You have to ask yourself if your marriage is going to survive another 5 years (or however long it will take to save) or is it best to get out and be happy for a long time.
The saying you can't have your cake and eat it too comes to mind here.

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