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Naz - posted on 12/12/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




im a first time mum my daughter is going to be year old in 3 weeks. I was planning to do a small birthday party at home my family and invite my husbands family (even though they have never spoken to me) My husband told me ther not coming ther making ther own party for my daughter a week after mine and dont want me or anyone from my family there! The problem is the mother inlaw and her daughter they just hate me they have never spoken to me i have been with her son for 7 years and married 2 years ago they have hated me since day one they refused to come to there sons wedding and did not attend because of me. They have never givin me a chance to speak to them on why they hate me. They avoid me. When i gave birth non of them visited they always told my husband to bring lilone to ther house which is 1 hour drive! Lilone is nearly 1 and not even once hav they travel to see her! They expect my hubby to come with baby to see them with out me being there! Im not allowed in there house a few accasions i stood outside while hubby took lilone to see them. And now there planning there on party for my daughter with out me being there! I told my hubby im only doing 1 party not 2 and i have no problem with them attending mine or if they want to do party they have to invite me and my family. My hubby is saying they still doing party with out me. Im so stressed i dont feel like doing a bday for my daughter now buy feel so bad its her 1st bday my husbands is to into taking her to his mums rather then organising with me! anyone have the same problem with inlaws ? Or any advise on wat todo 😔


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There's a lot missing to the story in my opinion. A whole family can't hate you for no reason. I would just let them do their own thing with her.
I'm in a bit of a different situation (not with my first child's father) but I let them have separate birthday parties, it's up to you and your hubby though.

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