Mother lost everything in divorce

Rachel - posted on 06/14/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I was a stay at home mom of 4 children for many years. My oldest move out on his own 2yrs before divorce. We have two young children in common &my second oldest daughter is from another relationship prior to marriage. Divorce from my two youngest father; forced me and my daughter to have to move in with her abusive father. We since had to leave him do to abuse again. Didn't last long. My daughter and I had to leave our belongings to stays with friends. But time is running out and leaving us nowhere to go but the street. Ive been diagnosed with RP and legally blind. I lost my license recently and that has put us in a terrible position. Don't know what to do. Please any advice would be much appreciated. We currently live in Louisa Co. Virginia. Its a rural area and we are stuck without reliable transportation. People are not willing to drive a long distance. I feel so lost, stuck and alone... we only have a bag of clothes to share. My daughter is 12 and I stayed in Louisa for her to attend a full year at the same school. I feel like a complete failure. Haven't seen my other children since April of this year. My Ex feels I should be driving to visit them. They live about an hours drive away. Which I've got documents to prove my disability but he refuses to understand I no longer have the ability to drove. What do I do? Ive filed for child support for my 12yr old daughter and waiting for the rest of my medical records to file for disability benefits. Beyond that I know both me and my daughter are suffering from mild depression. Our belongings I received from the divorce my daughters father has put some in storage and let the rent lapse because he wants us back. Today was the deadline to cut off access. I begged for help from everyone but unable to borrow money to save the unit. Our life was in it and now its gone. I'm desperate to start a life with my daughter in a place of our own, but we have not a penny to our name. I'm pleading for anything to get us out of the situation were currently in.

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