Mother of 4yr old struggling over sons cavities !

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About 5 months ago my almost 5 year old son had to go under general anesthesia to have 7 of his molars capped with stainless steel crowns and one pulled due to an abscess. That day was the hardest day of my life for many reasons. It is beyond scary to put your baby's life in someone else's hands and what's worse is feeling like your the reason he is there in the first place . I can't come to terms with how it is possibl my son ended up with so much decay in his teeth?? Did I not brush his teeth good enough ? I shouldn't of listen to all the hype on how fluoride is bad and just given it to my son. He is a picky eater, I should of been tougher about getting him to eat more things. Did his acid reflux as a infant /toddler of played a role. These are just a few things that run through my head everyday. Everyday I see my gorgeous son smile and see all the metal. Makes me question how good of a mom I am. Makes me scared, scared of any future problems with his teeth. Makes me upset how others parents and kids may look at us.. If there are any other moms who have been thru similar experience I would love to hear your stories. I need to come to terms with this and p strong for my son.


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Three of our children four children had general anaesthesia to get dental work done as preschoolers. I also had major dental work done as a preschooler under general anaesthesia.

Understand that for dental work the sedation is fairly shallow and the risks are quite low. Odds are that you son was at a greater risk of dying in a car accident on the way to the dentist than as a result of the general anaesthetic.

Our kids had the option to get their work done as a series of appointments with local freezing, and I specifically requested that they get it done as one appointment with general so they wouldn't be stressed, or have negative memories of the dentist.

With our first two kids I had always assumed the decay was caused by all of the junk eaten while staying with the grandparents. That was the only significant issue with their oral health. My parents were a little bad with juice and junk food, but my husband's parents were all about mixing apple juice with 7-up in sippy cups, kool-aid, letting the kids eat sticky candy all day and not bothering to brush teeth at bedtime if they felt the kids were too tired. Our girls had spent a significant amount of time there and I hadn't pushed the issue, I just tried to do our best at home.

But then our third spent hardly any time with the grandparents, almost never drink juice, didn't know what soda or kool aid were, I could name every time he ate candy or ice cream, and he had the same level of decay as a preschooler.

Some kids are just predisposed... the shape of their teeth make them harder to keep clean, their enamel is weaker, they are younger when they catch the bacteria that cause tooth decay, etc. Everybody knows somebody who never brushes their teeth and has no cavities and people who are the model of oral hygiene, but who have terrible teeth.

Trouble with baby teeth doesn't mean there will be problems in the future. I know a lot of people who had trouble with baby teeth and their adult teeth were fine.

The past is in the past, all you can do is move forward. Beating yourself about this won't help anyone.

You're clearly a great mom because you care so much.

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