Mother of 8 still in the fight and distressed

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I was caught up by the dream this man had for "us". I was 19, had a child already I was homeless and easily fooled. He took us through a journey of religions, seclusion, manipulation, 4 adoptions, Amish, off-the-grid and tried to rule everything in our existence. None of us knew the abuse was happening to the other. When one of my girls finally built up the courage to tell me. I did what I thought was right at the time. I turned him in to the police. The victims multiplied, the experiences they shared with the police got worse and worse. They said it was the worst case they had seen. It also had the most incriminating evidence in a case like this they have seen. We are almost 3 years in now and he has still yet to be tried and he is out there free to do as he pleases. This whole court experience has been one craziness after another. This system gives them way more rights than they should have. He is looking at over 30 rape charges and 7 being 1st degree class A felonies and has 3 child victims. I will never quit fighting for my kids but the bs from the litigation process has caused so much stress and anxiety that I feel like my cheese could slide off my cracker if you know what I mean. This is so backwards!!! I'm afraid his defense attorney just knows too many loopholes and sneaky ways around the law. They had to declare a mistrial before the case could be heard once already. They have DNA, surveillance.....too much too mention. It should be cut and dry. So angry, so frustrated!

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