mother of my child doing all she can to make me look like and unfit father.

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I am 23 years old, had unplanned pregnancy with mother of my child, more like an entrapment because i was using protection, she bad mouth me about it doesn't feel good and what not and she said she is on birth control and has been on one for 3 years but 3 weeks she told me she was pregnant. anyway at first I didn't like the news but I stepped up to my responsibility got my self a job, and our dating life as couples was great the first 5 months of her pregnancy. communication was great, sex was great and we were just happy together. anyway her lease at her apartment was ending and she convinced me to move with her to a two bedroom apartment so when the baby is born we have a place. I was living with my parents. i found a two bedroom apartment and we moved together. she become very disrespectful, cold, distant and we started living as roomates right away. she would insult me for using her dishes, for sitting in her couch, for watching her tv. and i call her selfish for it. it got to a point, she took all her dishes to her room, disconnected her tv and just stayed in her room or work, she was never around anymore. i started buying my own dishes, my own couch, my own tv, my own shower curtain, because she took hers down and my own microwave. she lead me to believe that we would remain and live as couples but all that changed within first few weeks of living together. she also refused to let me attend any of her doctors appointment, and when i started buying things for the baby she moved back to her parents house. she threatens that she will not put me in the birth certificate as the father of the child and she threatens to keep my daughter away from me. before she moved out i onced looked at her text messages when she was not home and left it on her room. i thought their was another guy in the picture, i found out no guy. except i found that through her text messages with her mom. she painted a bad image of me and said that i call her selfish and stupid and that i told her to get a loan so i can get a car and so i can pay for my student loans. i called her mom and said the only thing right in that text message is that i did call her selfish and explained to her mom the reasons why. anyway her mom said she doesn't like the idea we are living together before marriage and that we should live separate until we get to know each other. i told her mom it is too late to live separate because we have a baby and we also signed a lease together. she is now 7 months living with her mom, i told her i don't want to be part of the game or fairytale that her mom and her are putting me on. i accepted that we are over as couples and i just want to be a good father. i told her that we should do 50/50 after baby is born and go our separate ways. she said she will not do 50/50 with someone she barely knows and that the only way i will get 50/50 is through court. i said okay court will do it for us. she quickly brag about how she got baby sitting all set up and that she will c me in court. she is now 7 month. i asked her why she has so much hate towards me to the point she doesn't want me to have a relationship with my daughter? she said she doesn't think anyone that ask for a paternity deserves anything in life. anyone our conversation ended with her saying i will c you in court. our lease together ends July of next year and she is due to give birth in February. the way it looks we have no future together, and she is not someone i want to have a future with. because we have a home, but she decides to run away with my daughter. any thoughts, feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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Get yourself an attorney, and get a paternity test scheduled for the time of birth.

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