mother of two... am i pregnant with number 3??

Amie - posted on 08/26/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi, Im 21 years old, and a mother to two children, my partner of 6 years and i have been planning another baby, and i have had my contraceptive copper coil iud out since January 2012 as it fell out by itself ?? lol.

anyway, my periods have been brilliant from then on, and have been very regular, i was always due on my period on the 18th of the month, but last month i came on 2 days late, and therefore i was due on the 20th august this month, anyway, we are the 27th today, and still no period, i know if i am pregnant it will soon come to light as i miss another period or start getting symptoms, but i have taken several pregnancy tests (as we are trying for a baby) in the hope i may be pregnant, but all tests have shown negative.

i have read ALOT of posts on what could be happening to my body, stress, possible ectopic pregnancy, not strong enough hcg levels, alot more posts too but i thought id put up my own. i am still very anxious as there is absolutely no sign of period (usually i have mucas or cramps, but there is nothing!

im not stressed and not worried about anything, and definitely not making my body so excited that i may be pregnant because obviously i have been trying for 8 months now with no luck, but im wondering can i be pregnant with so many neg tests? and how long should i wait til i got to see the doctor, as i dont want to seem silly.

i know that either way i will come on my period or have a pregnancy, but all this suspension is driving me CRAZY!

i hope someone is there to chat, as its 5.58 am here, and cant sleep due to curiosity of whether im being silly or not lol. hope this all makes sense, and i thankyou in advance for a response, any questions i will answer, but please bare with me as im new to this site.

also just to let you know, with my 1st pregnancy, i went to the doctors at about 4weeks late for period, with home tests that were faintly positive, and the doctor did a test in the office, and it was neg, and she sent me away with the pill, and told me to take it,which i did not as i knew i might be pregnant regardless of what she said, and i was pregnant, i now have a little girl healthy etc, and with my 2nd pregnancy tests came up positive straight away, and i did plenty of them, as i wanted to make sure, and yes pregnant, and i also have a healthy son.

i know i have bee pregnant twice before, but still dont know if i am pregnant now. so slightly confused. thanks :)

(will keep you updated too :) )



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