Mother raising two girls alone...

Mc - posted on 04/29/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




What to do when being a mom of 2 children whom lives with her mom because the father of the two babies has been unemplyed for almost 4 years now and gives his family the impression that he just wants to continue with this unhappy cycle of visiting here and there while at the same time i have to mostly fight with him in order for him to see his girls. But whats most devastating to me is how he can blame me for "keeping his girls" away from him because he feels that i should be bringing the girls down to where he lives with his mother. I truly understand the ecomomical crisis and the horrible job market. Two parents who have earned a Bachelor's degree but face difficulties of providing for the kids. But am a stay at home mom while the dad makes me feel as if he doesn't even try to get out of the situation himself nor try to take us out and whenever i tell him my feelings he lashes out at me. I feel that this wont go anywhere and though i have my belifes and truly want us to be a family; it takes two people to make things work. Not one. I dont know whats the best course of action. Am completely lost.

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