Mother's Day

Amy - posted on 05/10/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




My kids are definitely the best Mother's Day gift I could receive, however, is be lying if I said my feelings weren't extremely hurt when I didn't receive a card or any acknowledgment today, just another day. Hope all the moms out there had a better one than I did 😉 #pityparty


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Raye - posted on 05/11/2015




I feel your pain. I am a step-mom, no natural children of my own. However, I nurture my step kids and I'm there for them to tuck them in at night, take them to sports and activities, cuddle with them one the couch while watching a movie, etc. I am more motherly to these kids than their "real" mother. Yet my sister failed to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. When she first got married (21 years ago), she was a step-mom, too. So I thought she would understand. Yet, when I gave her a card, she did not have one for me and did not even acknowledge me as a mother. She is so wrapped up in herself, and I have always been barely even a passing thought to her.

I know my situation is different because it was my sister and not my kids that failed to acknowledge me. I'm sorry. I hope they come around.

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