Mother who abandons her husband and toddler

Katheryn - posted on 08/04/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




A mother who walks away from her family is a thoughtless, heartless and a ignorant coward. Who is thinks of herself only.
When a women is blessed with a child , it's a true blessing, its a mothers responsibility to nurture and love that child unconditional.
Any mother who intentional leaves a child solely because it's "too much work" needs to seek a psychologist immediately! Keep in mind, It is okay to ask for help it not okay to abandon a child.
It is not normal or expectable in any way!
If you walk away from your child, that child may walk away from you, when you old,, lonely and full of regrets.
Please, Moms do not let frustration and times of weakness cause you to give up the best gift life can give you, your son / daughter.
My name is K and my mom walk away when I was 3 my brother was 2 and my Dad was 22.
She is now 66 is very sad which has made her mentally ill for leaving us 45 years ago.
Why have I uttered so words,

My bother and I grew up with my Dad and my father remarried.
We all wish the best for our mother but will never bring her into our adult personal life.
She will pass away slowly and lonely.


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Leela - posted on 08/04/2013




I agree with Evelyn. 20 years ago my mom left an abusive relationship with my father. She had no money, no home, no friends or family (she was alienated). Before this she tried to commit suicide even though she had 4 kids to think of. I remember asking her if we were not a good enough reason to stay on this earth. She didn't know how to respond. Despite this, I understand that she was at her lowest point and needed to be away from my father. She left us with him, but gradually we have become close again. My pain is still there but at least I know why she did what she did. Talk to your mom. Understanding doesn't mean acceptance of her choices, but perhaps it may help to heal some of that hurt. Ps I am a single mom now and I could never fathom leaving my child.

Ev - posted on 08/04/2013




I can understand that you grew up resentful and angry at your mother for walking out of your life. While I agree that this is a blessing and all, you forget a few things.

A lot of teen girls give up their children everyday so that child can have a better life. That is not abandonment. That is responsibility.

A lot of young women do the same as teen girls or they give guardianship to family so that their child can remain with that family and still get to be part of their lives. Its called doing the best for my child at the time.

Then there are the mothers who have to let their children live with their father in a custody venture that is for reasons beyond their control (illness, financial issues), its better than letting their kids go through more hell than they should in a custody case, and because the father in some cases is the better choice for them to live with. This is also not abandonment. This again is taking responsibility and doing the best for the children.

I do not know if you know the real reasons or not behind your mother leaving when you were so little, but do you not think talking to her about those reasons is better than holding it in and holding it against her till she dies? It was her loss when she left you and I am sure she knows it now.

But though your words are correct, not a lot of women are going to listen. And if you have read any of the different communities I am sure you saw some of those women in your mother but I am sure you could see those mothers who were desparate to keep their kids but had to make other choices for them. They did not walk away...they made a choice that was better for their kids.

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